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Coming to Terms with Lorcaserin

For anyone who has not heard of Lorcaserin, it’s an anti-obesity drug. If someone wants to shakes off extra weight without undertaking tiresome workouts, they should consider some things before buying Lorcaserin. This weight loss agent was developed and distributed by Arena Pharmaceuticals. It has been used as a long-term solution for obesity for many years. This supplement suppresses appetite in the users by initiating a feeling of satiation. Besides, if anyone uses Lorcaserin, they need not follow a strict exercise or diet routine.

Ever since Lorcaserin was developed, it has undergone several human studies and pre-clinical trials to determine its tolerability and efficacy in treating obesity. The FDA approved its therapeutic use in 2012 but under strict measures. For example, the prescription is available only for overweight and obese adults who have weight-related co-morbidities like hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. Lorcaserin is available under two popular brand names. These are Belviq XR and Belviq. They are similar, the active ingredient being Lorcaserin hydrochloride.

However, the Belviq tablets are smaller, with users recommended to take two per day. On the other hand, Belviq XR tablets are bigger and taken only once per day. The Lorcaserin intermediate was first used to study and prepare a feasible weight-loss drug. It is a raw material used for analyzing the pharmacological elements in weight loss drugs. In pre-clinical trials, Lorcaserin showed anorectic effects in mice. Besides, it can reduce narcotics and analgesics use like amphetamine, caffeine, and other drugs.

Lorcaserin targets the users’ nervous system and interacts with some hypothalamic receptors. This agent works by activating the serotonin 2C(5-HT2C) that plays a part in feeding habits and appetite. Even though other receptors like 5-HT2B and 5-HT2A also exist, Lorcaserin has an affinity with 5-HT2C. This weight-loss supplement combines with 5-HT2C receptor, prompting alpha-MSH hormones. It then acts on the receptors, sending a feeling of fullness to the user’s brain. The Lorcaserin’s agonistic property together with 5-HT2C receptor produces satiety, thus reducing food intake. This accelerates weight loss. This drug modulates Leptin levels that help in reducing weight.

The biggest problem of lorcaserin is the price tag. The drug is pricy more than two hundred dollars for a month’s supply. The money people save eating less it breaks even. It’s hard for obese individuals to conquer cravings, but with lorcaserin’s rake, they will no more consider food. As words get out of it, more and more physicians are using it. The drug has some common side effects, but there is a positive result of weight loss. This drug has dropped many individual’s weight in no less time. If you want to shed weight, you can give it a try.

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