Shincheonji: Information on Shincheonji

Shincheonji’s formal title is the Shincheonji Church of Jesus. In 1984, a South Korean guy called Lee Man-hee, who is now in his 80s formed the party. The party has 245,000 supporters globally, as per data from various outlets. In South Korea, the organization has over 1,000 congregations and multi-functional buildings. While using the word Church of Jesus to identify their organization, they appear to have no affiliations with Christian organizations. Shincheonji representatives agree that Lee Man-hee is the “promised pastor” chosen by Jesus. He is regarded as the person who can really propagate the ultimate truth, according to the party.

Shincheonji participants are certain that the organization has the secret to unlocking the meaning of the Bible’s final book, Revelation. Every cult, nevertheless, shares this view. Any cult has a firm conviction that they have already discovered the secret path to heaven. Shincheonji members claim that people who do not belong to their faith or sect will never be spared. The party is adamant that redemption is not easy to come by. They also emphasize the number 144,000, which appears throughout the book of Revelation, especially in Revelation 7:4.

Shincheonji is unusual because they could have devised a method in which members must win their position among the 144,000 members. You will be trained in the Gospel area when you first enter the community. You are the only one who can proceed to the Mission Center after that. To become one of the 144,000 members of the party, you must undergo a series of examinations. The Shincheonji Church of Jesus is among South Korea’s fastest-rising religious groups. The group’s exponential development can be attributed to the methods it employs to convert people.

Many people who join Shincheonji are often zealots, quitting their employment or schools in the process. Since being fanatics, members devote their attention to proselytizing. From the beginning, all Shincheonji followers are instructed to memorize unique meanings, which they assume were produced by Lee. They say, for example, that the word ‘bird’ simply means ‘Holy Spirit and that the word ‘tree’ stands for ‘church.’ As a result, Shincheonji’s disciples use those interpretations to decode passages in the book of Revelation. They are certain that they’re the ones capable of deciphering the clues revealed in the Book of Revelation. The party considers its philosophies to be equivalent to all other theories established in the last 6,000 years.

After leaving all other religious groups, Lee Man-hee found his religious team and launched its first temple in March 1984 at Anyang, Gyeonggi Province. As its membership grew, it created that the Zion Christian Mission Center in Seoul. What’s more, the membership within South Korea was divided into twelve tribes in line with the geographic territories. It is presently headquartered in Gwacheon, which includes a prophetic meaning according to this Shincheonji theology. The church in 2014 was reported to have over 120,000 members. The church’s widespread teachings have led to an increased membership not just restricted within South Korea but across the world.

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